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    It was in the year 2010 when a few retired teachers happened to meet at a social gathering in Karnal. During interaction, emerged the idea of forming an association at the local level so that they should hold informal meetings off and on to share their joys and sufferings, and discuss the problems of pension, etc., if any, and find out viable solutions.

    The proposal was welcomed by all and sundry. And then ensued the series of meetings at one college or the other. The members, besides interacting among themselves, discussed the matters concerning retiral benefits, but it was felt that no viable solutions could be found out at the local level. These required a state level organization because the issues were to be discussed with the Directorate of Higher Education as well as the government of Haryana.

    Thus it was decided to form an association at the state level. A committee comprising Dr. D S Dhaliwal, Prof. I J Bharti, Prof. B R Gulati and Dr. Sukhwant Singh was formed, and they were assigned the duties of Patron, President, General Secretary and Treasurer respectively. They were asked to approach the retired teachers at the district level to seek their views and cooperation for the move.

    The teachers welcomed the move and volunteered to become the members of the proposed association. Nearly 200 hundred retirees gave the subscription and vowed to support the cause of the teaching fraternity. A meeting was convened at Karnal, and the proposed association was named “Retired College Principals and Teachers Federation, Haryana.” Since the retired Principals of the Haryana state also joined the Federation, it was named Federation. The Executive Committee of the Federation was formed unanimously, which was the same as the present Executive Committee.

    The Federation started working for the welfare of the pensioners of government-aided colleges in Haryana. The letters regarding the problems faced by the members were written to the Director, Higher Education, Education Minister, Chief Minister, Haryana, etc. The delegations of the Federation met the officials concerned from time to time for the redressal of the grievances. It was decided to hold the Convention of the Federation, and the Finance Minister, Haryana be invited as Chief Guest to elicit the attention of the Haryana government to our grievances.

    The First Convention of the Federation was held at Dyal Singh College , Karnal on 14 August 2011. Sh. Mohinder Singh Chatha, Hon’ble Finance Minister, Haryana, graced the function as Chief Guest, and Smt. Sumita Singh, M L A, Karnal, was Guest of Honour. The attention of the Finance Minister was drawn to the disparity in the retiral benefits between the pensioners of government colleges and those of government-aided colleges, viz. leave encashment, medical facility, leave travel concession, payment of the increased pension and gratuity, etc. Smt. Sumita Singh urged the Finance Minister to expedite the redressal of the grievances at the earliest.

    In the second session, Prof. I J Bharti was unanimously elected the President of the Federation, and it was also decided that the same team should continue for the next term.

    The Second Convention was held at S.D. College, Panipat on 28th April 2013. Sh. Parmod Vij, an industrialist and social worker, presided over the function. In his address, Mr Vij said that teachers are the builders of the nation and they can give a new direction to India. The meeting was attended by more than 200 members from all over the state.

    In the second session, the problems faced by the pensioners were discussed in detail. The House unanimously elected Prof. I. J. Bharti as the President of the Federation along with his team for the second time. Prof. Bharti was urged to take up the following issues with the Govt. of Haryana for the well being of the pensioners – timely payment of pension, online pension, medical facility, etc.

    The Third Convention was held at DAV College for Girls, Yamunanagar, on 17th April 2016 which was largely attended by the members. Before the election of the posts of the President and General Secretary, the issues concerning the well-being of the pensioners – Medical facility, Pension for Disabled Children for life, Complete retrial benefits after 20 years of service, etc. – were discussed in detail. All the members were satisfied with the working of the office-bearers of the Federation.

    In the second session, the elections were to be held for the posts of the President and General Secretary, but the House said in one voice that keeping in view the work done by the team, the old team should continue for the next two years.

    Thus the same team of the Federation under the leadership of Prof. I J Bharti has been working conscientiously and diligently for the welfare of the pensioners since its inception in the year 2010.